HSE Associates asia pte ltd

Because life is more than just statistics

HSE Associates Asia is a boutique firm based in Singapore that truly believes in impacting and saving lives one site at a time. Working as a network that bridges all different disciplines of the Workplace Safety and Health industry, we are the choice provider for your one-stop Safety Solutions.

Our Philosophy

Life, in this new era of humanity, has sadly become a “number” that we see on reports. From the number of loss time due to injuries to the number of fatalities, we see day-to-day comparison charts and spreadsheets, numbers and data. How often do we really stop and look at these numbers and realize that every number had a name, every name had a family, every family had a loved one whose return they were awaiting.

Here at HSE Asia Associates, we strive to build a long term partnership with your company, providing all your Environmental, Health & Safety needs. We recognise each client has unique needs and we tailor our services accordingly. Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions, we pledge to exceed your expectations in providing safety solution.

Our Specialisation

We specialise in the project/contract-basis deployment of, but not limited to:

  • Safety Supervisor/Coordinator/Officer/Advisor
  • Organisational HSE Consultant (NEW! for behavioural studies/organisations who have pressing safety issues that they want to eliminate)**
  • Environmental Control Officers
  • Fire Safety Managers
  • Expert Advice in Fire Management & Consultancy
  • Safety Trainers/Managers (for in-house courses)
  • Deployment of Emergency Rescue Team (ERT)
  • Full Time or Part Time Safety Personnel**
  • Deployment of Rope Access Personnel

**Subject to availability of personnel schedule